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About us

Passport is a premier brand of Food Safe, a New Zealand company registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

Passport is a simple-to-use online induction training platform offering contractors and companies competency training for high-risk critical hygiene areas.

Passport is built on Food Safe’s high-compliance expertise and successful track record of training. Our many clients include packhouses, farms, food and packaging businesses, warehouses, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, temporary agencies, infant formula plants and pharmaceutical companies.

Who we help


Our online contractor induction is ideal for all contractors, including technicians, and facility maintenance contractors, who need to take all reasonable steps to minimise risk before entering a dairy, pharmaceutical, nutritional and critical hygiene site or factory.

This induction training is also suitable for transport and logistics companies contractors, including warehouses, farms, packhouses and orchards.

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Food companies, Temp Agencies & Service sectors

We offer ready-to-use induction training for dairy, pharmaceutical, infant formula and nutritional companies, as well as for packhouses, orchards, warehouses and logistics businesses.

We also custom-build online training classrooms to suit client needs. Contact us today.

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How we help

Contractor induction

Our contractor induction training is simple to understand and picture-based, making it easy for anyone to follow along.

Our training content is developed by experts and auditors who have been operating in the high-compliance food sectors for over 20 years.

Our Passport Certificate confirms a contractor’s competency to operate in critical hygiene areas and also meets operator verification requirements.

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Operator, Temp Staff & Customised Company induction

Our ready-to-use induction programmes are ideal for operators, casual and temporary staff.

Our customised company induction classrooms are tailor-made for new employee induction as well as for ongoing staff training requirements. We use videos, objective assessments, and simple visuals in our training content making it easy for everyone to understand. Automated assessment results achieved by staff are accessible to managers & auditors to track progress and competency.

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More about our Induction Training

Induction Topics – Brief Overview

  • Commonly used terms and acronyms – we explain the jargon
  • The Law – and how it applies
  • Product safety hazards – to help minimise risks
  • Health & safety – and why this is important
  • Permit to work
  • How companies keep products safe
  • Illness management
  • Personal hygiene and how this impacts product safety
  • Equipment management
  • Chemical management to prevent cross-contamination
  • Documentation and record-keeping for compliance
  • Environmental Safety and responsibilities
  • Safety Culture and its importance

Access & Assessments

Contractor Induction:

  • 7-day access: anytime, anywhere, and from any device.
  • Open-book objective assessment with automated results.

Company Induction:

  • On-demand and to suit


Passport Certificate of Induction

Certificate issued within 48 hours of successful completion.

Manage Risk

It is important for contractors, operators and temporary staff to understand and manage risks when working on site.

Our induction training is curated for contractors, operators, temp staff and companies across the following sectors:

  • dairy, pharmaceuticals, and nutritionals
  • packaging, warehouses and logistics
  • farms, packhouses and orchards
  • hospitality and events
  • temporary agencies

Our Company-Wide Reviews & Clients

The BrotherstonsThe Brotherstons
02:33 22 Apr 22
I completed a food safety course today and found it very informative and interactive. Keith is a fantastic facilitator, he is very knowledgeable and provided accurate information and examples. I particularly enjoyed his recap magic tricks!
Ocean PhillipsOcean Phillips
02:34 08 Apr 22
I enjoyed todays course. Keith was great. He gave us a lot of information while maintaining a positive and bubbly attitude. He made sure to include all of us in all conversations and made sure we went at a good pace so we can understand. thank you very much 🙂
Maureen HermawanMaureen Hermawan
03:36 01 Apr 22
I was nervous prior to doing the course mainly because it has been a long time since I’ve done any courses/study. However Keith was very easy going, funny and made everyone at ease. The course itself is very detailed and he made sure individual students were looked after in terms of what they actually needed from the course. I have learned a lot and now have more confidence in my future project 🙂 thank you!
Mike DonovanMike Donovan
02:03 04 Mar 22
Keith was such a hive of information! He spoke clearly, in an engaging style that was easy to listen to for a day-long training session, and he remained focused and on-point right throughout the day.He was careful to include (and individually addressed) all zoom group members, and encouraged interaction (questions) using the group chat function (to allow the training to flow without constant verbal interruptions). He would systematically respond to these group chat questions at appropriate times, ensuring the training remained fluid. I thought this system was a clever use of our training time (which was limited to a time schedule).Keith ascertained, right from the beginning, our specific vocations and tried to tailor the training with additional information where he knew it would benefit individuals.I am a strong visual learner, so really appreciated the photos, images and videos displayed throughout the training (if the training was solely audio/talking I would have struggled to retain as much as I did).I had heard that Keith was a fabulous trainer (knowledgeable, warm, funny), now I can vouch from personal experience that the rumours are true! Thanks heaps, Laura Donovan.
Pamela ChadaPamela Chada
01:48 18 Feb 22
I completed a Food Safety Course with Food Safe Ltd today. They are very professional, prompt and easy to deal with. Information about the online course was sent in timely, clear emails.Keith Michael is an excellent instructor, very knowledgeable with up-to-date information about the food industry and he kept all the participants involved. Each member was given information and tips relevant to their situation and all questions were answered fully.I have come away with plenty of information that will prove very useful in my new venture.Thank you for the magic tricks Keith, may I suggest a magician's hat and a cloak for the next time!! 🙂