Contractor Induction

Contractor Induction

$260.00 +GST

Duration: 90 minutes
How it Works:

  1. Book & receive induction training classroom link
  2. Includes: Induction Training Video and Assessment with automated results
  3. Access: 7-day access, anytime, anywhere, and from any device
  4. Receive Certificate within 48 hours of completion.


Our online contractor induction is:

  • Ideal for all contractors, including technicians, and facility maintenance contractors, who need to take all reasonable steps to minimise risk before entering a dairy, pharmaceutical, nutritional and critical hygiene site or factory
  • Also suitable for transport and logistics companies contractors, including warehouses, farms, packhouses and orchards
  • Simple to understand and picture-based, making it easy for anyone to follow along
  • Developed by experts and auditors who have been operating in the high-compliance food sectors for over 20 years

Our Passport Certificate confirms a contractor’s competency to operate in critical hygiene areas and also meets operator verification requirements.

Induction Topics

  • Commonly used terms and acronyms you need to be aware of
  • The Law and how it applies to you
  • Product Safety Hazards so you can help minimise risk
  • How companies keep products safe and why you need to be aware of this
  • Health & Safety and why this is important
  • Permit-to-work
  • Environmental Safety and your responsibilities
  • Safety Culture and its relevance to a workplace